° Created in 2007, by passion of the sound system culture from Jamaïca and England and

by irreversible will of sharing,

the purpose of the I LION SOUND SYSTEM, fortified by the experiences of its different actors


is to spread a message of universal love with powerful verbs and sounds.

Its selection, strictly conscious, takes its deep inspirations

form Original Roots to the more modern Dub....

Rareties, Collectors, Dubplates, exclusive Productions! 


° From 2013 to 2015, it has been the resident sound system and co organizer of

the Berhanena Selam meetings, « strickly Ital », in the capital city;

and has shared the scene

with various sound system activists from France and also international.

° In 2015, they create the concept of FAR I DUB Sessions in Toulouse (31).

° In  2018, they create their own label, I LION RECORDS, independant one and self managed.

They can perform in live in DJ set or with their sound system, with or not

Joseph Lalibela, Brother Culture, Paul Fox, Straika D, Zion Irie, Little R, Imany Tree.

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